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Calibration Specialists

We, at Performance Tuning, are a group of professionally trained and skilled automotive software experts and motor mechanics, who have a passion for improving the performance of the finest cars of the world. We provide engine remapping and tuning box solutions for all cars. Our revolutionary performance tuning boxes are state of the art and can control a wide range of parameters with the advantage of Plug & Play which are made & manufactured in Italy.

For achieving the best results in all vehicles, Performance Tuning has partnered with the leading

ECU Remapping


Tuning box

manufacturing company, Dimsport, S.R.L. Italy, which is a well-known name all over the world in automotive market for Remapping hardware and Tuning Boxes. They offer an extensive range of add-on modules for the electronic recalibration of the ECU in both the elite level and also the economy level Boxes. At Performance Tuning, we make sure that your car is not just optimised to your satisfaction, but it outruns the extent of your best

ECU Remapping Made In Italy Products