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The Evolution of Rapid Auxiliary Modules from 1995 to Today

Our Rapid plug&play modules are a solid solution for the optimisation of turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol engines, embracing a very diverse range of needs, from the need for increased torque-power to fuel consumption optimisation in cars, trucks, tractors and boats.

With a track record of thousands of modules installed, Rapid stands out in the market for its quality and reliability through the use of automotive components, materials and standards, guaranteeing ongoing development and research into new applications, in addition to the standard calibration tests carried out in our various branches.

Rapid users enjoy a range of personalised services, including training courses, real-time sales and technical assistance, as well as detailed manuals with step-by-step illustrations to guide them through the installation process.

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FROM THE FIRST ANALOGUE MODULES...The path taken in 1995 with the first analogue products, continued with the launch of the first digital LPI platforms for turbo-diesel engines in 2004. Pressure optimisation developed alongside this, as did the management of injection times, thus diversifying products for different applications. This led to the creation of winning XTI platforms (trucks and tractors), LPDs (Toyota) and BHV (BMW and other brands).

...TO A BRAND NEW ‘RAPID 2.0’ PLATFORM 2014 saw the birth of the TPM technology platform, which initially focused exclusively on turbo-petrol engines and came with a professional fine-tuning software that accompanies the "legendary" calibration console.
In 2016 TPM technology was extended to turbo-diesel engines in order to maintain the high optimisation level guaranteed by DIMSPORT in new-generation cars too.

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Rapid TPM: a new platform for cars with turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol engines

Rapid TPM (Turbo Power Management) is DIMSPORT's latest technological innovation. It is a new generation platform that is able to handle turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol engines. The new module is equipped with a microprocessor, FLASH eprom and RAM eeprom so as to gain full control of the relevant pressure sensors; these are also able to control some signals sent from the CAN BUS line of the vehicle's original electronic control units.
All Rapid modules were developed with a view to keeping unchanged the safety and protection features of the original engine control unit, such as the self-adapting functions of the vehicle's electronic system and the monitoring of critical parameters relating to engine function. Some wirings are already designed to work with communication protocol SAE J2716 SENT.

THE WORLD OF TURBO-PETROL The world of cars has evolved giving new space to supercharged Petrol engines, which are increasingly common in small to medium-sized vehicles. The approach chosen for Rapid TPM allows for customised engine function, by analysing various signals such as air flow, intake manifold pressure, turbo pressure and engine RPM.
The platform is linked directly to the sensors with plug&play wiring, which is specifically designed for each compatible vehicle.

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TURBO-DIESELS In the case of turbo-diesel engines, Rapid TPM works with the signal sent by the rail pressure sensor in a simple and efficient way; in addition to this, the pressure in the intake manifold can also be altered in order to manage the turbo, using engine RPM as well as any additional signals that may have been sent from the CAN line as a reference.

ONE SINGLE MODULE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS TPM modules are the same for all applications: The choice of Specific wiring and the writing of custom-made firmware using the TPM Software, allows for the creation of a customised kit for the required application, with the added benefit of standard calibration provided by DIMSPORT and a professional tool for even finer tuning of the vehicle in real time.

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The other Rapid modules

Besides the TPM platform, Rapid offers a range of successful products made exclusively for Turbo Diesel engines.

This product range is available for cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors and boats. All modules were developed with a view to keeping unchanged the safety and protection features of the vehicle's original electronic control unit, such as the self-adapting functions of the vehicle's electronic system, the management of the diesel particulate filter and the monitoring of critical parameters relating to engine function.

ADJUSTING THE RAIL PRESSURE The first approach (the Rapid LPI and LPT approach) makes it possible to personalise the function of the engine and fuel flow by calibrating the signal indicating the diesel fuel injection pressure in the rail differently. The advantages are: incredibly easy installation thanks to fewer wirings and the overall optimisation of torque output.

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rapid car Recalibration of injector opening time (duty-cycle injectors) makes it possible to manage specific signals sent by each injector, thus obtaining a detailed record of injection times and the quantity of fuel injected. Modules are linked directly to the injectors with wiring created ad hoc for each compatible vehicle. This approach involved the development of especially advanced modules, equipped with a microprocessor, FLASH eprom and RAM eeprom for full control of the injection parameters, leading to the creation of successful products such as BHV, XTI, LPD, VPE and many others. The result is a module that supports significantly enhanced vehicle performance even during multiple injections, for example pre- and post-injections necessary in managing the diesel particulate filters.

CUSTOMISATION USING THE CONSOLE The digital calibration console makes it possible to modify Rapid's reference values, which determine the intervention threshold and the increase in torque and power, customising performance depending on the vehicle and what the requirements are. DIMSPORT provides a standard calibration for each application but additional fine-tuning can be made in real time, on the road or on the power test bench.

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Five Reasons for Choosing Rapid

Connectors are as safe as original ones

Over 80% of applications in the catalogue use automotive wiring and connectors that are compatible with those fitted in original vehicles, guaranteeing a "clean" and safe installation.

Standard electronics are not a problem

Rapid avoids malfunctions and problems during the diagnosis phase by leaving it up to the standard electronic control unit to monitor vital safety parameters for the correct functioning of the mechanics.

Real-time fine-tuning

The parameters of all Rapid modules can be optimised either on the road or on the power test bench, through the calibration console or the TPM ADVANCED software, giving the user real time feedback on the task carried out.

What about your development work? It's totally safe!

The software's special MAP LOCK function makes it possible to pause the reading process for parameters saved in the module, protecting your fine-tuning work and preserving your precious know-how.

Change Car, not the Auxilliary module

Interchangeable wiring makes it possible for the Rapid auxiliary module to be reused on more than one vehicle: all it takes is a few clicks to update the firmware!

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Real Time Calibration

The module calibration tools to work in real time

All Rapid Modules offer a real-time tuning in order to obtain the best settings. The Tuner can modify the parameters directly on the road or on the dyno for instant results. The goal is to obtain the perfect harmonization between power, torque and drive pleasure. This kind of philosophy allows to realize a specific tune for each customer, accord to the vehicle and the individual needs.

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Rapid TPM Software

The new platform for professional calibrations

  • THE BASIC, STANDARD AND PRO PROFILES Three viewing levels for three working environments: "Basic" allows users to independently manage increased performance on the various sensors; "Standard" includes a graph with information about the performance increase ramp; "Pro" adds each single modification in the curves, point by point.

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  • CHECKING PARAMETERS IN REAL TIME In the Status section, users can monitor signals sent from the sensors in the Rapid wiring system, in real time (in numeric and graphic form), checking that the engine is functioning when the vehicle is being fine-tuned.

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  • INTEGRATED LIST OF RAPID APPLICATIONS The software integrates the list of applications for DIMSPORT's Tuning Line products, including the Rapid range. It also allows consultation of the installation manuals and offers (for TPM modules) a download with the standard parameters tested by DIMSPORT and the direct programming of the module.

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  • MAP LOCK: PROTECT YOUR DEVELOPMENT WORK The Map Lock function makes it possible to block the reading and writing of parameters within the TPM Module: this means that only the tuner that has created the file can access the information, protecting know-how and valuing the effort put into developing customised calibrations.

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Calibration Console

Our kit are supplied precofigured by with standard calibrations developed by our technicians, that are an excellent mix of performance and reliability. The standard calibration of the Rapid kit is the starting point for any possible customization that the installer can carry out to better meet the customer's needs.

Rapid can further satisfy client's needs and be customised to each single vehicles, as each installer can use a special tool to change the setting parameters managing the working of the add-on-module: the so called calibration console.

rapid car This device allows to display and modify the managing variables/settings of the add-on module by means of some simple and intuitive controls. You just need to connect it at the switch's place on the Rapid wring so that it is fed directly. It is possible to operate in any condition of use, even when the engine is running so allowing the installer to manage the Rapid module fine-tuning autonomously, even after the installation of the module. It will be therefore possible to check directly on the road the effects of the different calibrations. The calibration console is also an essential diagnostic tool, required to be supported by Dimsport: it allows to vary the setting of the modules.

A new user-friendly, intuitive interface for the calibration of turbopetrol add-on modules is available today: conceived as an evolution of the tuning console, Rapid TPM software is an advanced platform allowing professional tuners to easily perform real-time tuning, download standard calibration pre-set and update fimware versions.

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Boosting Your Green Performance

rapid car We offer a complete range of auxiliary modules for cars and off-road vehicles, intervening on the basis of applications on the rail signal, on injection times or on supercharging pressure. The reliability and quality of the materials are core elements, while the plug&play connectors on most of the applications make the installation process simple. In addition to its products for turbo-diesel engines, DIMSPORT also offers the Rapid TPM platform which can be used both in diesel and turbo-petrol-powered vehicles by modifying the module firmware and using specific wiring.

 rapid car performance The TPM range responds to the need to modify latest-generation vehicles, with complex electronic systems and more stringent safeguards and checks imposed by the manufacturer.

Not only are Rapid modules particularly suitable for vehicles that do not allow modifications to the original electronic control unit, they also boast real-time customised calibration by means of the calibration console and the Software (the latter only applies to the TPM platform): the aim is to optimise engine power and torque in order to achieve an improved response at all speeds, enhanced performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The original electronic control unit guarantees reliability by monitoring the overall functioning of the system and ensuring that conditions of full operational safety are maintained at all times.

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Rapid add-on modules

Manufacturer Model Type Fuel Emission
Year Pow/Cv bhp Install Power
Abarth 124 Spider 1.4L 16V TB MULTIAIR 125kW/168HP IAW8GMKM Petrol EUR06 2016 170   +15% +15%
Abarth 124 Spider 1.4L 16V TB MULTIAIR 125kW/168HP IAW8GMKM Petrol EUR06 2016 170   +15% +15%

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Gearing Up Your Truck Performance

Developed for heavy duty trucks, Rapid 4 Work allows to optimize and increase the torque delivery on the whole operational range, permitting the use of higher gears at lower rpms. The effect of such a feature is the reduction of the fuel consumption, which can decrease even up to 10% thanks to the increased efficiency of the engine.

rapid trucks This type of intervention is especially appreciated by professional operators and fleets: the fuel consumption represents one of the highest costs to face, therefore even small reductions of these costs become a strategic elements in the global management of the vehicles. Moreover, the choice of a Rapid module preserves the vehicle mechanics and its working reliability on the road.

Furthermore, the control by the original ECU on the electronic management of the propeller allows full compliance with the regulations about environmental pollution.

Quality components and detailed instructions make the installation easy, fast and safe. Through the calibration console, the installer can further customize the setting of the module, so to reach the most suitable calibration according to the working conditions and vehicle features.

rapid module It is important to mention that also Race OBD and BDM tools are part of Dimsport Tuning line. Please consult the specific documentation and the application lists for more information..

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Improving Your Work While Saving Fuel

rapid tractors The hardest challenge: Rapid Tractor is the add-on module developed for agricultural vehicles, specifically studied to support the requirement of increasing torque that comes from the agricultural world.
This application obviously called for specific protective devices against water, mud and dirt in order to preserve the working of the module and connection (provided with specific, original connectors).
The reliability offered by Rapid and the quality approach assured by Dimsport becomes a strategic aspect in this kind of applications characterized by elevated stress of the parts.

Rapid increases the engine efficiency to fulfil the user’s needs: the tangible power and torque improvements of the propeller allow to work safer and in a more effective way even in such difficult conditions, even saving fuel while using higher gears.

rapid module Thanks to a switch (optional) the driver can choose when to turn the module on, depending on the type of work to carry out. Also in this case the customization can be adjusted through the calibration console the in order to meet the specific needs and the kind of use for which the vehicle is supposed to work.

It is important to mention that also Race OBD and BDM tools are part of Dimsport Tuning line. Please consult the specific documentation and the application lists for more information.

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Enhancing Your Boat Performance

rapid marine Rapid Marine is the application specifically developed for the nautical world with the objective to make power and torque better available even in difficult conditions.
The special treatment of tropicalizazion of the components allows the installing even in the engine compartment of a boat: its main feature is the complete reliability even in a critical situation, so to grant the possibility to move the boat in any condition and without being afraid of possible fails in the electronic system.

Thanks to the specific settings, the Rapid Marine module is of great help to improve advanced performance for the marine propellers, while working on the output at the most used RPMs in navigation.

It is important to mention that also Race OBD and BDM tools are part of Dimsport Tuning line. Please consult the specific documentation and the application lists for more information.

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